Batman has the most hearts

Created by AmalgamComics00, 1 y 4 mo 10 d ago.

Why does Batman have the most hearts out of any character on Superhero Database? Shouldn't Superman have the most hearts?


Jakcj 1 y 4 mo 10 d
Batman has the most hearts
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One of the reasons why I think he's up there is because he's always on the home screen, so it's easy to not forget him whenever you log on to the website. If Batman was taken off for a little while I think another hero would replace him in the amount of hearts he succumbs.
Tyrannus 1 y 4 mo 10 d
Batman has the most hearts
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Its kind of debatable which hero is more popular but it was always going to come down to those 2.
Batman is seen as more relatable, cooler and has deeper stories. Superman can be seen as boring.
While Superman may be the face of DC, in some ways Batman carries DC. If it weren't for Batman, DC would be in a far weaker position.
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AmalgamComics00 1 y 4 mo 9 d
Batman has the most hearts
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Bats may be more relateable and has deeper stories, but he's still a surly man who will truly scare you