Three things about SHDb

Created by Galactus, 2 y 13 d ago.

I want to ask you three simple questions about this website. If you decide to answer, please keep the answers short. You can reply to your own comment to explain things if needed. This way I have a quick/clean overview of the answers.

1. What is your most used feature of the website?
2. What is the least used feature of the website?
3. What is the feature that should have the top priority to be added?

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Tyrannus 2 y 3 d
Three things about SHDb
63 months member
1. Voting/commenting on battles
2. Creating OCs
3. The downvote button
xerodeep 2 y 5 d
Three things about SHDb
64 months member
1. Battle Voting & Creation
2. Honestly, for me, OCs (Just feel like every power, ability, and species/type has already been done and multiple times in many cases. If I create anything, I feel like it is just a copy of one that already exists but with a different name or look and just isn't truly original. The only one I've even created is more of a recognition or an homage of real life heroes to give them some, albeit small, acknowledgement in this world of fantasy super heroes).
3. Multi-search functions for Battles, Images, and maybe Teams, Universes, Object, etc. as well to help narrow things down to what you are more specifically looking for.
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Jakcj 2 y 5 d
Three things about SHDb
76 months member
Haha the OC"s are just boring at times, everyone wants their character to be omnipotent