Stat Benchmarks

Created by Galactus, 4 y 16 d ago.

Working on the new stat benchmarks for a while now.
What do you think so far?
SHDB Benchmark Concept


Galactus 4 y 16 d
Stat Benchmarks
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I have one other idea for the power-stat;
What if you don't set the power-stat itself, but it's based on the superpowers you pick? Each superpower has a maximum point that will be added to the power-stat. When adding a superpower, you can set the percentage of those points.
This way there can be a difference between two characters with the same superpowers.

I also had a concept where superpowers (and objects) could add points to all 6 stats. For example; Fire Resistance adds a few points to durability, Flight adds points to speed, Stealth points to combat, etc.
More on that here: Stats/Class v2.0
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Jongensoden 4 y 16 d
Stat Benchmarks
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thats amazing
Clint_Barton 4 y 16 d
Stat Benchmarks
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Seems cool and helpful.