3 Years On The Site

Created by TheNemianLion, 3 y 7 mo 8 d ago.

It's been 3 fun years on the site, during this time I have mauled opponent, after opponent, after opponent, met some great friends, became one of the most respected users on the site and became SHDB Co-Herald with my good friend, DarkProdigy, I would like to thank Prodigy for being in my corner, and Galactus for always believing in me, I wanna thank some of my best friends here, Soul, Tracer, MoP, Akhil, Spidey, IMABATMAN, Batsheet, Clint, Breaker and everyone else, and I also wanna thank Darkwing for giving me some adversary at the later part of my time here, never the less it's been a great three years, and I can't wait for the next three.


DarkProdigy 3 y 7 mo 6 d
3 Years On The Site
74 months member
Here is to trolling more Mohammeds
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TheNemianLion 3 y 7 mo 6 d
3 Years On The Site
79 months member
It's never gonna stop ;)
AkhilPDX 3 y 7 mo 7 d
3 Years On The Site
80 months member
Congratulations! You've evolved so much as a user and it's great being your friend :D