First thing you do on SHDb?

Created by Galactus, 8 mo 13 d ago.

This is more for regular users / account holder. When going to SHDb, what page(s) do you first visit when visiting the website for that session/day?

For me, the starting point is the Feed page, to see what is going on for the last few minutes/hours. Also check my Notifications right after that.


UnusOf2029 8 mo 10 d
First thing you do on SHDb?
30 months member
If I don't have any notifications then I just cruise around 'til I find something neat.
Alien_X 8 mo 11 d
First thing you do on SHDb?
41 months member
Usually notifications if I don't have something like ustats or looking for some battle already in mind.
Zerothemimikyu 8 mo 12 d
First thing you do on SHDb?
21 months member
I go to my battle page to see if there are any new votes, then I go to my favorites, select a character, go to their battle page and vote in as many of them as I can.