Weaknesses Tool

Created by sonyablade, 2 y 11 mo 12 d ago.

So, i was thinking. Every characer is just as strong ast heir greatest weakness.

See the way there is like, a whole compartment or tool (idk what to call it) for stats and superpowers that gauges the overall strength of a chracter? What if the admin could also add something like that, but for weaknesses, and the weakneses would take a negative toll on the overall power level of each character, like superman right now is 230K or something like that. Taking his weaknesses innto consideration, Magic, Kryptonite, Sound Attacks, etc, his overall strength would be dropped to maybe 180K, with each weakess reducing the overall power basing on how common it is as a superpower among other characters (like how many people could be able to injure Supes with magic), how vulnerable each character is to it, and how powerful the weakness is on its own (if the weakness is a super power)

OMGGG someone please tell me yoo understand me.
If so, i was also thinking, in relation to a tool for Powers and weaknesses, how about one for buffs? Like, every character has some sort of trump card. A buff for someoe like Goku could be maybe a senzu bean, for Red Hood it could be Bane Venom (Jay carries it around), for Spiderman it could be upgraded web shooters, for Batman it could be comm support (from Alfred or Oracle). So basically these "buffs" could be the equipment and paraphernalia if it is also factored in to the overall power level of each character.

And with weaknesses and buffs included, a character's overall power level could be the average of those two and their powers.

What do you think?


MaseTheFace 2 y 11 mo 7 d
Weaknesses Tool
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I think It's a pretty good idea.
SuperSomebody 2 y 11 mo 9 d
Weaknesses Tool
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I was thinking the same thing. YES