TheNemianLion appreciation forum

Created by DarkProdigy, 3 y 8 mo 24 d ago.

I thought I would return the favour and make this forum for you guys to say what you love about TheNemianLion


AkhilPDX 3 y 8 mo 22 d
TheNemianLion appreciation forum
85 months member
We had a rocky start (a VERY rocky start) but that boosted our friendship. It's almost been two years since we've known each other but they were a good two years. He's so nice (when he's not being a troll 😂) and talented. Have you seen his art? It's the best on SHDb.
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TheNemianLion 3 y 8 mo 22 d
TheNemianLion appreciation forum
84 months member
Thank you my dear Akhil, I look forward to our many interesting interactions in the future my brudda, and thanks I do my best
DarkProdigy 3 y 8 mo 21 d
TheNemianLion appreciation forum
79 months member
I take full responsibility for Nemian being a troll