Realm Forger

Created by Galactus, 2 mo 3 d ago.

I'm working on a new website project called Realm Forger. With Realm Forger you can create your own realms and worlds and anything in it! From universes, star-systems and planets to characters, animals, weapons and superpowers! From timelines, story arcs, detailed character profiles to armour sets, countries, species and single celled organisms. Anything is possible!

Realm Forger

I will keep you updated through this topic, but will post more detailed info on any of the social media platforms:

Realm Forger Facebook
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TheNemianLion 1 mo 30 d
Realm Forger
3 year member
This project will greatly eclipse any other world building project that has come before it.
RedEyeJoe 2 mo 2 d
Realm Forger
Oohoohoo, now that could catch some attention, I look forward to future updates on it.
jongensoden 2 mo 3 d
Realm Forger
2 year member