Report double account abuse

Created by Jongensoden, 2 y 11 mo 11 d ago.

Please report any users abusing double accounts.


Tahsin 3 mo 24 d
Report double account abuse
5 months member
@Galactus How to report double account abuse. By the way dark crown and Unknown are same people.
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Galactus 10 mo 13 d
Report double account abuse
8+ year member
Thanks for the report. I've closed 7 accounts and removed 2455 votes (also from previously closed accounts)
RajinKabir 10 mo 14 d
Report double account abuse
12 months member
I am not sure but i think one person is using multiple IDs to vote. You can see that in many battles of white phoenix of the crown. About 7 to 8 Ids voted in the same sequence. Even in some latest battles .