Update: Super Powers

Created by Galactus, 1 y 3 mo 11 d ago.

This could be a longer update run, so I thought it was best to create a new topic for it.
It's long overdue to fix the Super Powers. Being it the Scores, descriptions and removing duplicates.

I've already started the updates, and will post updates in this Topic.


Doomsday 1 y 1 mo 11 d
Update: Super Powers
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Perhaps, Godly-physiology is the power/ability: to be deity.

Capabilities: the user with this ability the possess attributes such as deity and even powers of deity.
Galactus 1 y 2 mo 29 d
Update: Super Powers
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I thought it would be a good idea to have a selection of Benchmark Characters. Those would have different sets of Powers and Stats, ranging from Street Level to Nigh-Omnipotent.
I've made a (personal) collection called Benchmark Characters and added a few characters to it.
Feel free to suggest a few more characters, or make suggestions to swap any already in the Collection. I want them to be as well known as possible, so everyone has at least some idea where those characters belong power-wise.

Also, these characters should be (nearly) finished when it comes to having the right Stats and Powers (and levels). Ones we have finished the list of Benchmark Characters, I will lock them for editing.

The idea is to have a wide range of different type of characters that we can check when Power Scores change, to see if nothing goes overboard.
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Ezio 1 y 2 mo 29 d
Update: Super Powers
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That's a good idea and I suggest along do that for stat bars, we increase the range of the bars. Currently, many characters with less than one percent the strength of Superman are given 100 Strength. Although the physical strength of Hulk or Superman may be too much to set as a benchmark for strength, my personal opinion is that a character should have at least one-tenth the strength of Superman or Hulk to get 100 strength. (If we consider superman lifts 200 Quintillion tons, This large number of characters with 100 strength does not look good at all)
The same goes for speed.