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The website

Created by IamMoonKnight, 11 mo 16 d ago.

The website is nice and fresh but it lacks the authority. I had a mind in my head saying that Galactus, should hire some people to help out with the website. Like it's just himself and I knew he said he was going to sell it one day to another person but I disagree. Galactus should temporary hire someone like another web designer. Also there needs to be advertisements whenever were ready. This will make more users come to the website but before that we need more authority like I said. Once we have that, then it's time to get more people in here. It's just I wish we would take those steps more faster. It's hard but these are my opinions on how the website should improve. Thank you and drop down your opinion.


Galactus 11 mo 14 d
The website
8+ year member
I'm not going to sell the website any time soon.