Marvel questionnaire

Created by Tyrannus, 1 y 1 mo 28 d ago.

1. What super powered team would you like to be a member of?
2. What non powered team would you be a member of?
3. What planet would you like to live on?
4. What species would you be?
5. Civil War I: Pro or anti registration?
6. Civil War II: Iron Man or Captain Marvel?
7. Avengers or X-Men?
8. What item/weapon (no omnipotent like items)?
9. What Infinity Stone?
10. Favourite hero?
11. Favourite villain?
12. Best hydra leader?
13. Favourite event/storyline?

DC questionnare.


MoNsTeR 1 y 1 mo 18 d
Marvel questionnaire
49 months member
1. illuminati
2. Idk
3. Earth
4. Cosmic entity
5. Iron man
6. Iron man
7. Avengers
8. All-black necrosword
9. Reality
10. Spider-man
11. Thanos
12. Red skull
13. Secret wars 1984
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Tyrannus 1 y 1 mo 3 d
Marvel questionnaire
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Glad to see you were pro registration
ultron 1 y 1 mo 27 d
Marvel questionnaire
72 months member
1: none
2: stil none
3: i think mars would look quite nice
4: a cyborg mixed with an alien
5: captain america if u mean who i like better if u mean who would win ironman
6: i like ironman more but captain marvel bodies
7: avengers
8: infinity gauntlet if it counts if not ironmans suit i dont really care which one just beyond mark 7
9: reality can be whatever i want
10: spidey/ghostrider maybe black phanter
11: doctor doom
12: euh the one robot man i forgot his name or red skull i guess
13: secret wars

pls make a dc version of this