Bruce Banner


Robert Bruce Banner was the son of an alcoholic who deeply hated him. Banner's mother showed much affection for her child, who returned her love, but this only served to fuel his father's rage. Dr. Brian Banner was an atomic physicist who worked on producing clean nuclear power as an energy source, but he was afraid his exposure to it mutated his son's genes. Bruce sh... read more

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Creator Marvel Comics
UniverseEarth-616 - Prime Marvel Universe
Full name Robert Bruce Banner
Alter Egos Bruce BannerBruce BannerBruce Banner (Hulkbuster) (MCU)Bruce Banner (Hulkbuster) (MCU)
Bruce Banner (Wild West)
Captain Universe (Hulk)Captain Universe (Hulk)Cosmic Immortal HulkCosmic Immortal HulkDevil HulkDevil HulkDoc GreenDoc GreenEgo HulkEgo HulkHeart Of The Monster HulkHeart Of The Monster Hulk
Hulk (1978)
Hulk (2003)Hulk (2003)Hulk (Earth-1610)Hulk (Earth-1610)Hulk (Green Scar)Hulk (Green Scar)Hulk (MAU)Hulk (MAU)
Hulk (MCOC)
Hulk (MCU)Hulk (MCU)Hulk (Stark Gauntlet) (MCU)Hulk (Stark Gauntlet) (MCU)Hulk (Worthy)Hulk (Worthy)
Hulk Earth-5901
HulkpoolHulkpoolImmortal HulkImmortal HulkImmortal Hulk (Venomized)Immortal Hulk (Venomized)
Incredible Hulk (Universal)
Indestructible HulkIndestructible HulkInfernal HulkInfernal Hulk
Joe Fixit (MCOC)
KluhKluhMaestro HulkMaestro HulkMerged HulkMerged HulkMr. FixitMr. FixitNulNulProfessor HulkProfessor HulkProfessor Hulk (MCU)Professor Hulk (MCU)Space Punisher HulkSpace Punisher HulkThe Hulk (Classic)The Hulk (Classic)
The Hulk (Earth 7642)
War HulkWar HulkWorld Breaker HulkWorld Breaker HulkWorld Breaker Hulk (Power Cosmic)World Breaker Hulk (Power Cosmic)
Zombie Hulk
Zombie Hulk (Power Cosmic)Zombie Hulk (Power Cosmic)
Aliases Annihilator, Captain Universe, Joe Fixit, Mr. Fixit, Mechano, Professor, Jade Jaws, Golly Green Giant, World Breaker
Place of birth Dayton, Ohio
First appearance Incredible Hulk #1 (May, 1962)
Alignment Good


Occupation Nuclear physicist, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Base (Banner) Hulkbuster Base, New Mexico, (Hulk) mobile, but prefers New Mexico
Teams The Mighty AvengersAgency XWeapon XSuper SoldiersMarvel KnightsDefendersSecret DefendersContingencyFormerly: Apocalypse's HorsemenFour Horsemen of ApocalypseThe UltimatesAvengersHeroes For HireSHDB Team
Relatives Betty Ross Talbot Banner (wife), Brian Banner (father, apparently deceased), Rebecca Banner (mother, deceased), Morris Walters (uncle), Elaine Banner Walters (aunt, deceased), Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk, cousin), Thaddeus E. 'Thunderbolt' Ross (father


Gender Male
Species // Type Human // Radiation
Height 243.8 cm • 7'12"
Weight 635 kg • 1,399.94 lbs
Eye color Green
Hair color Green



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