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Anti-Heroes are heroic characters who lack several heroic qualities compared to the original fictitious heroes. These characters are rude, selfish, disloyal, obnoxious, violent, killer or even a criminal in nature, but will still fight for good, whether they're willing, or forced to. They're not as kind, noble or heroic as other heroes, but they're ultimately the hero of their stories in spite of their unusual attitudes. In simple terms, an anti-hero is a hero with bad qualities who never stops functioning as the hero; he/she saves the day despite having a bad attitude, being a bungler, being selfish, etc. Sometimes they're polite and nice in nature, due to the part they're neither good nor evil, but in between the two alignments. One thing almost all anti-heroes have in common, is that they live by the philosophy "the ends justify the means", meaning they use harsh methods to reach their goals.

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