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Her strength and power is too high man.
Even Kingpin's stats (who should be far stronger than Waller) is not that high
and that's why I also wish that you would change Batgirl's stats.
It would be confusing if some characters have an entirely different scale for the stats.
Well, I think 20 is the maximum strength for human beings. I have seen a lot of characters in this website, and never I find a human/non-superpowered character has strength over 20. Even Captain America's strength is 20. I agree that they are super strong, but the website has it own scale
I disagree, you should see Batman stats
strength is 20, durability 50, power 50
As good as Jason is, there is no way he would have higher stats than Batman.
The profile pic is awesome, why have to change it?
Daredevil (MCU), Arrow (CW), Killer Frost (CW), Jessica Jones (MCU), Deadshot (DCEU)
The stats need re-update, especially on intelligence and combat
The picture is clearly a result of screenshot. There is a close button spot on the top left of the picture and the resolution is bad. I think the picture LordTracer suggested is better
Wonder Woman

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