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4 days ago
10+ years member.
After a character has been approved (by me or a mod) on the suggestion page, I'll add it to the database. Time between approval and actually being added to the db may vary. I was away from the website for a while and added all characters a few days ago.

You can now add uStats and images, etc. After 3 uStats have been entered, you can request an update. A mod or editor can update a character.
10+ years member.
Not voted yet

We don't use those words around here....
6 days ago
10+ years member.
Could you be more specific?
10+ years member.
Yes, it will return. Not sure when exactly.
10+ years member.
I'm back.... maybe that helps 😀
10+ years member.
Like a Last man Standing?
10+ years member.
You can now pick any three characters you want to update yourself. Go to and hit the 'edit' button. If you're done updating, just hit the 'remove' button at the 'edit characters' page.
10+ years member.
Could you explain 'Triple Threat Matches' ?
10+ years member.
Don't know what you mean.
10+ years member.
Good one!
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