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1 days ago
10+ years member.
It's fixed now. Something wasn't installed right... technical thing.
10+ years member.
Like to see him fight a Death Star 😉
I've fixed it.
10+ years member.
10+ years member.
Already on my list.
10+ years member.
No, not really. I just don't know what people should get out of their payment. Only thing I can think of is extra OCs. And some bragging badge thingy.
Anyone have ideas about this?
10+ years member.
I've deleted 34 OCs that were set for deletion.
4 days ago
10+ years member.
I can't look at the code for that right now, but is far as I can recall it searches for other characters with roughly the same class. If a character has a very high class, it can't find an opponent within a certain range.
10+ years member.
The idea is that different attributes give a character stats and powers; Species, Superpowers and Objects. Each of these have a maximum amount of points that will be added to each 6 of the stats. When adding an attribute you can set a percentage of those points that will be added. Hope that makes sense. 😀
10+ years member.
@TheNemianLion You can clean up some of Jon's posts.
10+ years member.
@Amirvel Just saying "because @TheNemianLion made debating not fun" doesn't mean anything. Give some examples how he does this, in your OPINION.
I agree that the OCs made a bit of a mess out of the website. And there are still too many copyrighted OCs. I gave everyone time to rename and edit their characters. By the end of the month I'm going to delete all copyrighted characters. And I need to seperate the OCs more from the other characters.
I haven't been a big fan of all those off-topic forum posts. But almost all websites/communities have something like a 'coffee-corner' type section. I am going to close all those rap-related topics, though. At a point there was sort of a rap-wave taking over the webite. I even had to remove about 8 rappers that were suggested (and approved!) as characters. I don't want those in here. No musicians, actors, politicians, your neighbour, other random famous people, etc.
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