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Voted: Lucifer Morningstar

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What type of Martial Arts do you take? I have been trained, In karate as a kid. Right now I just do Jiu Jutsu and Aikido i'm kind of curious because I heard you say you enjoy martial arts that all.
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Voted: Batman

I have a riddle for you...
I see without seeing. To me, darkness is as clear as daylight.
What am I?
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Voted: Batman

Pick your winner...
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I do have a reason why the website is going bad,
1. Different people in Different countries that don't understand each other, In other words. They do things very differently than one another.
2. The OC's are taking away the fun out of debating on this website but I don't care about them even so.
3. @Galactus shouldn't have really gave 3 edits in my opinion but since he did that people over rate their characters a lot because of this.
4. People that used to be on this website quit. Or don't come on that often
5. Forums about different topics that are non-related to this website.
6. (Experienced this a lot) People not getting along with each other which leads to being hated to each other.
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Voted: Batman

Why do we fall? So we learn how to pick ourselves up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSYeZMEQmno
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This site talks about battles well I do have a battle in reality where I once faced a person in hand to hand combat, My challenger was named Matt (I was trying to type the whole thing in but it wouldn't let me) When the fight was about to begin I said "Are you Ready?" He comes at me with his back bent down striking my legs obviously I try to prevent that from happening and push his shoulders back once I pushed them back I got him into a gulitone choke hold back then suddenly he grabbed my legs and slammed me to the ground I put my hands down before my head went down. I then get up quickly my Adrealine Rush came on I then say in a whisper "Whoa" I never experienced a situation like this where I couldn't actually control myself it was all just automatic what I was doing, He then strikes to low punches at me I block them easily he strikes a low punch again and I get him into a Technique called the Come Along Throw (Don't know how to pronounce it) I grapple my hands together against his elbows but then let go because it was the first fight I had with a person, I then was behind him and gave a quick jab of my elbow don't know where it hit but I felt something that hit him from my strike, He goes for my legs once again but before he brings me down I grab on to his neck to at least take him down with me I didn't because he weighed more than me. After that I was on the ground did another technique called Shrimp Escape I grabbed onto his heel and then turned side ways to strike an elbow to the back of his leg he fell down on the ground with his knees down. We both got up at the same time and then someone said "Alright guys that's enough" Please don't try this on anyone because you may be put to Prision for attempting this you should only fight if someone is hurting you because that's what the law says. Just don't attempt this on anyone because if you do your a dumb person to be honest.
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Voted: Anakin Skywalker

Brother vs Brother Edited: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6LXsi78d4s
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Voted: Hulk

If superman has a hard time defeating the Hulk, And Superman could defeat Wonder Woman then Hulk should be winning.
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Right back at you, Reason why I don't come on this site that often anymore everything always changes no matter where you go.
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