Multiple Personalities

What is Multiple Personalities?

Also called Divided Mind, Multiple Personalities is the ability to have two or personalities in the mind. By switching between personalities, the user's body can change and gain different powers, abilities, skills, or physical and mental attributes. Users with Multiple Personalities may have collective intelligence (the user has a consciousness that allows them to replace a strategic headquarters or scientific institute with enough organization), a mental resistance (a consciousness that allows resistance to mental influences because even if one of them succumbs to external control, the other personalities immediately bring the wayward), or even a strong personality that can be activated in some ways when there's a need for its services. Of course, the personalities are still autonomous and memory may be lost when switched with another personality or one of the personalities may unknowingly erase the memories that are important to the other. Because there's no mental direction at the other faculties of the body, one dominant personality has to constantly watch all the other consciousness which severely limits other abilities in certain situations.

Heroes and villains with Multiple Personalities

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