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Thanos is so powerful with the heart of the universe, he even defeated the Living Tribunal. He needs stats.
Some powers that are not on here that Black Adam has are immortality, teleportation, and reflexes. He also is a considerably combatant. And he can fly and run at hypersonic speeds.
Why isn't Thor's durability and combat 100.
MCU Thor:
Intelligence: 85
Strength: 100
Speed: 80
Durability: 100
Power: 100
Combat: 95
I think his durability should be 100.
Voted: Thor

Thor would beat Superman 5 times out of 10, but in one fight Thor would win.
Can someone please update this guy.
I think MCU Captain America should be a 12.
The One-Above-All should be equal to the Presence.
I think black adam should be a 30.
Justice League