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Annabeth ChaseAnnabeth Chase-
Batman (Dark Knight)Bruce Wayne-
Black AdamTeth-Adam16
Captain AmericaJames Buchanan Barnes-
Captain America (MCU)Steve Rogers-
Doctor Strange (MCU)Stephen Strange-
Ethan NakamuraEthan Nakamura-
Flash (New 52)Wally West-
Flash (New 52)Barry Allen-
Flash IIBarry Allen16
Frank ZhangFrank Zhang-
Hazel LevesqueHazel Levesque-
Heart Of The Monster HulkBruce Banner-
Jason GraceJason Grace-
KronosLuke Castellan-
Leo ValdezLeo Valdez-
Nico Di AngeloNico Di Angelo-
Percy JacksonPercy Jackson-
Piper McLeanPiper McLean-
Professor ZoomEobard Thawne10
Reyna ArellanoReyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano-
SentryRobert Reynolds20
Thalia GraceThalia Grace-
Thanos (MCU)Thanos-
The Joker (Dark Knight)Unknown-
The Wolverine (FOX)Logan-
ThorThor Odinson30
Thor (MCU)Thor Odinson-
Zoom (New 52)Eobard Thawne-
Zoom (New 52)Hunter Zolomon-

Favourite teams

Favourite Team-Battles

Superman and Thor -vs- Goku and Kratos
Galactus and Thanos -vs- Darkseid and Anti-Monitor
Wonder Woman (DCEU) and Superman (DCEU) -vs- Thor (MCU) and Hulk (MCU)
Team Thor (MCU) -vs- Team Superman (DCEU)
Team Green Lantern -vs- Team Sinestro
Team Abraxas -vs- Team The Presence
Team Iron Man (MCU) -vs- Team Batman (DCEU)
Team Black Panther (MCU) -vs- Team Superman (DCEU)
Team The Wolverine (FOX) -vs- Team Captain America (MCU)
Team Joker -vs- Team Superman
Superman and Shazam -vs- Thor and Sentry
Thor and Beta Ray Bill -vs- Shazam and Black Adam
Thor and Beta Ray Bill -vs- Superman and General Zod
Team Rune King Thor -vs- Team Superman Prime One-Million
Team Hercules -vs- Team Orion
Team Thor -vs- Team Sentry
Team Thanos -vs- Team Darkseid
Team Venom -vs- Team Joker
Team Iron Man (MCU) -vs- Team Wonder Woman (DCEU)
Team Arrow (CW) -vs- Team Captain America (MCU)
Team Luke Skywalker -vs- Team Iron Man (MCU)
Team Luke Skywalker -vs- Team Thor (MCU)
Team Superman -vs- Team Hulk
Team Freddy Krueger -vs- Team Michael Myers
Savitar (CW) and Flash (CW) -vs- Reverse Flash (CW) and Zoom (CW)
Team Captain America -vs- Team Batman
Team Thanos (MCU) -vs- Team Steppenwolf (DCEU)
Team Luke Skywalker -vs- Team Thor (MCU)
Team Luke Skywalker -vs- Team Thor (MCU)
Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase -vs- Jason Grace and Piper McLean
Team Thor (MCU) -vs- Team Percy Jackson
Team Percy Jackson -vs- Team Harry Potter
Goku and Superman -vs- Thor and Kratos
Team Superman (DCEU) -vs- Team Iron Man (Model Prime) (MCU)
Team Captain America (MCU) -vs- Team Iron Man (MCU)

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Latest comments

1+ years member.
Voted: Team Sentry

Changing my mind, if Sentry and Superman took out Stark, Luthor, and Grundy at the very beginning of the battle, Sentry and Superman can take out Hulk.
1+ years member.
Either Thor Odinson or Percy Jackson
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Sentry

*Sentry vs Iron Man
Superman vs World Breaker Hulk*
Moon Knight vs Solomon Grundy*
*Batman vs Lex Luthor

Sentry vs World Breaker Hulk*
Batman vs Solomon Grundy*
1+ years member.
Replace Hulk with Thanos.
1+ years member.
Needs stats.
1+ years member.
1. Thor Odinson
2. Percy Jackson
3. Nico di Angelo
4. Flash
5. Captain America
6. Hulk
7. Black Adam
8. Iron Man
9. Bane
10. Annabeth Chase

1+ years member.
He should be over 20 in power level.
1+ years member.
Why does Deadpool not have accelerated healing.
1+ years member.
Needs stats.
1+ years member.
Voted: Percy Jackson

Very close fight, but Percy wins by superior durability, speed, combat, and strength. They are about tied in intelligence and power.

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