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"Too long have I allowed Earthrealm to endure the horrors of war. Time and again we’ve defeated our enemies. But we’ve exacted no retribution. Demanded no remuneration. What have we gained for our mercy? More intrigue. More senseless violence. As new rulers of the Netherrealm, heed me. No longer will I simply defend Earthrealm. I will seek out and destroy all who threaten it. No mercy will be shown. No quarter given. Shinnok was an Elder God. Impossible to kill. There are fates worse than death." - Raiden, Mortal Kombat X

Original characters

CronosAlex War
HydroHydro Hex
LionBoyDaniel Howl
Lord ProdigyUnknown
Muscle SpiderJames Kane
The ReaperUnknown
WirebackMiles Dalla
Wireback (Full Potential)Miles Dalla
Wireback (OC High)Miles Dalla

Favourite characters

AzraelMichael Washington Lane5
BatmanBruce Wayne10
Black PantherT'Challa8
DeathstrokeSlade Wilson10
EmeraldAndie Rowan-
Iron ManTony Stark14
LionmanDaniel Howe-
NightwingDick Grayson8
Spider-ManPeter Parker10
WaspJanet Van Dyne6
WirebackMiles Dalla-

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2 hours ago
1+ years member.
Please don't ask me if you can edit characters atm, a forum awaits addressing some rules for editing characters
1+ years member.
Voted: Hulk (MCU)

As underrated I believe Percy to be I do have to say he loses this one
1+ years member.
There are some things that I would change to Deadshot (New 52) but it is still acceptable in my opinion. If you fix Red Hood (New 52) then I will let you edit more characters
1+ years member.
I used to make his thumbnails, I can bring him to the site
1+ years member.
I think he looks better without it
1+ years member.
Exactly, he's busy and doesn't need people flooding him with unnecessary comments
1+ years member.
Red Hood has some missing capital letters
Also, Deadshot has spelling errors and missing capitals as well
If you fix up both of them I will let you edit new characters
1+ years member.
Speed needs to be lowered to around 25. She couldn't even outrun a train lol!
1+ years member.
Did you fix up your last characters?
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