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18 days ago
The only omni- power he should have is nigh-omniscience
You're not meant to vote on battles and answer these types of questions by using the class of a character
My new profile pic (I know, exciting) only comes up on my edit profile page
18 days ago
Team Battle
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When Team 1's class states they can beat the Great Evil Beast lol
18 days ago
If you're wondering why you aren't in the Discord it's because you've been pruned. That means if you weren't active on the Discord for 30+ days, you're kicked. Simply to help me organize it more and get a good idea of how many people are in the server to help me manage it better. If you want to join back, https://discord.gg/7PXQ6Uk
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By how you placed that sentence people would think otherwise
Voted: Chaos King

I know, it just fit your comment :p
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"Shazam and Manhunter"
Voted: Chaos King

It was stated that even though CWH slowed the King down, he would lose
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