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I said I was leaving, and I still am, however, I am now a Comment Cop. I go around monitoring comments and if I see a dumb one I reply to it. Please send me some dumb comments to respond too. (HITLIST>>>) 10earthquakes

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I'm sorry but the photo is hilarious. Just cause it's Rollins and his head is huge
But what about people such as ManofPower who are homeschooled and use this as their main source for having those friendships?
You used the profile pic point to prove that politics are affecting the site, and oh, you are so right. Having a meme as your profile picture that just happens to be associated with politics is a MASSIVE EFFECT. Oh, and what point are you even trying to make? At first, I thought it was about WW3 affecting the popularity of the server, but then you start going on about battles also happening in comic vine? I don't see how that makes sense at all, this site has no connection to CV whatsoever and the majority of the people on this site either haven't heard of it at all or have never even gone onto it. The only time I can remember talking about comic vine was in a forum where we all talked ****, and THEN you start to go on about movies and UA? WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT? So let's stick to one topic, shall we?
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@Rizzo That was my comment to reply to! Can you not read my bio?
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@10earthquakes What are you on? So I guess the 25 people in the server don't know what it is either. We've had the Discord server for months upon months now, and to make matters even worse for you, Tracer is one of the Co-Owners lol. I don't recommend joining if you're going to disrespect him
So now you might understand what I was saying earlier, everyone is so different, if we translate that to different roads, you can say the more roads, the more likely of a car crash. Although I've crashed maybe once or twice, I've got back into my car, and kept driving. But now, I'm at the end of my road. And for some people, they hopped out not long ago. This was also kind of a response to @ManofPower:'s question on why people aren't active anymore.
Goodbye, forever.
(Part 4)
Anyone intelligent enough (And some people are), can find a way to solve that problem and be the bigger person by not debating with their rival. However, when their rival asks them why they would not like to debate, it leads to yet another verbal assault. It seems there are a lot of roads to go on this site, some are long, some are short, and yet if you don't hop out of your car at some point, you will crash. And then it can get very personal. Take ego for example (I mentioned ego earlier), some people have a big ego, some people have a small ego. 2 people with big egos can get along and chat about how good they are, and they'll cruise along just fine, same goes for people who don't care about how good they are, but everything must end. And the peaceful time you're having is no different.
(Part 3)
I'm talking about ego, I'm talking about deadly debates. By that, I mean the debates that turn from a friendly debate, into comments with more insults than every grain of sand on this planet. And, I know I'm sounding very Thanos-ish in this sentence, and tbh none of so is intended. But I'm talking about balance. So many people on this site are different, and for some things, that is a great thing! But, not for this site. The ways people do things, their personalities, they are all so separate. The only way you as a new user can truly find peace on this site, is to find someone similar to you, and make them your friend. Some people try to make friends with everybody, and they become friends, but when they debate about something that friendship can fall to the ground.
(Part 2)
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But there wasn't
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It specifically says at the top "Who would win in a fight?" Not, "Who do you like more?"
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