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I am the Lionman, son of two powerful Superhumans, I have sworn an oath to the side of good, and I will annihilate all evil on this, or any other planet, not a threat, a promise. Find out more here: (I'm always stressed... Like... All of the time... Always.... ALWAYS!)

Original characters

AnarchistCarl Derekson
Bengal TigerEthan Pepa
Danel HouDanel Hou
Daniel Howe (Real Life)Daniel Howe
Daryl The MagpieDaryl Masters
LionmanDaniel Howe
Luna MasterKimmy Howe
Melt-DownAlex Hammond
Nemean Lion
RapidGabriella Howe
SpellistiaJessica Howe
TyrannisusJayden North
UltravoxPeter Howe
Ultravox X

Favourite characters

Bronze Tiger-
ColossusPeter Rasputin8
DragonbornMengkono Gusti Allah-
Green LanternHal Jordan14
HulkBruce Banner16
Killer CrocWaylon Jones4
NovaRichard Rider17
ToxinPatrick Mulligan8

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You're going to end my life Soul...
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Look, there's sexual tension and sexual frustration and it's doing my head in, I say we try to kill each other while getting it on.
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Both of you, GROW UP!
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Also, my DeviantART works too.
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Aight, this sounds serious, @NemianLion
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We're almost grown men anyway... Just a few years... It's not like it's a big deal anyway, it'll just involve some choking, other than that it'll be completely normal...
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We're worth more than $1,200
Give me your twitter XD
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Get me your FaceBook and I'll give you my address! 😂😂😂
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Aight! Make sure it lands in Melbourne! 😂😂😂
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Yes, the closest actor I could find in resemblance to myself, just older, and well built.

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