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AnarchistCarl Derekson
Bengal TigerEthan Pepa
Daniel HoweDaniel Howe
Daniel Howe (OC High)Daniel Howe
Daniel Howe (Real Life)Daniel Howe
Daryl The MagpieDaryl Masters
EvisceratorDaniel Howe
LionmanDaniel Howe
Luna MasterKimmy Howe
Melt-DownAlex Hammond
Pyro LionDaniel Howe
RapidGabriella Howe
SpellistiaJessica Howe
TyrannisusJayden North
UltravoxPeter Howe
Ultravox X

Favourite characters

Bronze Tiger-
ColossusPeter Rasputin8
DragonbornMengkono Gusti Allah-
Green LanternHal Jordan14
HulkBruce Banner16
Killer CrocWaylon Jones4
NovaRichard Rider17
ToxinPatrick Mulligan8

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I don't alter my views to fit into a political system, I see things the way I see things, I refuse to be a sheep, so I guess the answer is whichever side is more inclined to my views
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Also, seriously, get off my boyfriend's behind Sora and Tracer, you know Spidey's my turf!
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That's okay when you decide to get out of your boxed in corner of Thor, I'm here. 😀
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Oh sweet MOD status back!
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When you realise Spidey has beaten Sora and Tracer every time they've ever debated... XD
Even better, when you realise I'm the only person on this website to legitimately beat Spidey... XD
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1+ years member.
1. She fat
2. She Ugly
3. She Dumb
4. She Have No Character
5. She Wear Too Much Red
6. Her powers are boring
7. She has a dumb name
8. She doesn't have a reason for existing
9. She looks like a virgin that's trying to be something other than a virgin
10. She is short
11. She has big toes
12. She has little hands
13. She dumb
1+ years member.
Very disappointed that you'd write such a long comment Soul.
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Check your profile boy. XD
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