Thor Odinson



Descended from Norse gods, Thor had many adventures in Earth's past. Around the year 1000 CE, he faced Hercules and time travelling Greek warriors, the vampire Varnae, the Annunaki deity Marduk, the troll Grylak the Greater, giant rats in an Atlantean outpost, visted the sons of one of the men killed by the rats, and battled Dromedan. Thor also lived as the humans Sigurd and Siegfried, slaying the... read more

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Full name Thor Odinson
Alter Egos Cosmic King ThorCosmic King ThorFat Thor (MCU)Fat Thor (MCU)Lord ThorLord ThorOld King Phoenix ThorOld King Phoenix ThorOld King ThorOld King ThorRune King ThorRune King Thor
Thor (Mangaverse)
Thor (MCU)Thor (MCU)Thor (Odin Force)Thor (Odin Force)Thor (Ultimate)Thor (Ultimate)Thor (Warrior Maddness)Thor (Warrior Maddness)Unworthy ThorUnworthy Thor
Aliases Donald Blake, Sigurd Jarlson, Jake Olsen, Donar the Mighty
Place of birth Asgard
First appearance Venus #11
Creator Marvel Comics
Alignment Good


Occupation King of Asgard; formerly EMS Technician; Physician
Base New York, New York
Teams Leader: GodsS.W.O.R.D.God SquadContingencyThor CorpsMember: Super SoldiersThe Mighty AvengersMarvel KnightsAsgardiansNeo-KnightsAgency XFormerly: The UltimatesAvengers
Relatives Odin (father), Gaea (mother), Frigga (step-mother), Loki (step-brother), Vidar (half-brother), Buri (paternal great-grandfather), Bolthorn (maternal great grandfather), Bor (grandfather), Bestla (grandmother), Vili (uncle), Ve (uncle), Sigyn (former sister-in-law), Hela (alleged niece), Jormungand (alleged nephew), Fernis Wolf (alleged nephew)


Gender Male
Type / Race Asgardian
Height 6'6 • 198 cm
Weight 640 lb • 288 kg
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond


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