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Latest comments

Voted: Hulk

You're as retarded as your name.
Voted: Juggernaut

You're half retarded. Juggernaut wins by looking in Black Panther's direction....Black Panther shits himself and collapses.
Voted: Wolverine

Wolverine wins and it's not even close. You have no idea what you're talking about. Keep quiet.
Voted: Thanos

DC fanboys must know that Omega beams are cosmic energy and Thanos absorbs that.
275 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Superman

IMO team Superman would win. I also wanted to add Silver Surfer to team Superman but couldn't.
Voted: Juggernaut

Juggernaut beats the bananas out of Black Adam.
Voted: Thanos

Once again an easy win for Thanos.
Voted: Juggernaut

LMAO nothing Doctor Dickless can do to hurt Juggernaut. This is an easy win for Juggernaut.
Voted: Juggernaut

This is an easy win for Juggernaut.
Voted: Juggernaut

LMFAO this vote is a joke. The people that voted for Deadpool are idiots and need their votes pulled.

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