Old King Phoenix Thor

Old King Phoenix Thor

Thor Odinson


End of Time After the restoration of the Multiverse, King Thor travelled to the edge of the cosmos to observe the end of the universe and try to find a way to stop it. He was attacked by James Howlett - who had been resurrected and indwelled by the Phoenix Force. Despite Thor being delighted to see his old friend for the first time in millennia, Old Man Phoenix attacked him in retal... read more

Power Stats

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Full name Thor Odinson
Alter Egos Cosmic King ThorCosmic King ThorFat Thor (MCU)Fat Thor (MCU)Lord ThorLord ThorNecro King ThorNecro King ThorOld King ThorOld King ThorRune King ThorRune King ThorThorThor
Thor (Mangaverse)
Thor (MCU)Thor (MCU)Thor (Odin Force)Thor (Odin Force)Thor (Pre-Ragnarok)(MCU)Thor (Pre-Ragnarok)(MCU)Thor (Ultimate)Thor (Ultimate)Thor (Warrior Maddness)Thor (Warrior Maddness)Unworthy ThorUnworthy Thor
Aliases Old Man, Thor the Father, Officer Odinson, Thor the Thunder World, Lord of the Ice Apes, All Black the All Father, The God of Butchers, The Necro-Thor, Eater of World Eaters, Last King of the Dead Earth, Thor the Destroyer, Lawspeaker King Thor, King Phoe
Place of birth Asgard
First appearance
Creator Marvel Comics
Alignment Good


Occupation Monarch, All-Father
Base City of Asgard, Realm of Asgard
Teams No teams added.
Relatives Odin (father, deceased); Gaea (mother/maternal step-grandmother); Frigga (step-mother, deceased); Cul (paternal uncle); Loki (paternal adoptive brother); Woden (son); Unnamed sons; Frigg (grand-daughter); Ellisiv (grand-daughter); Atli (grand-daughter); All-Black (former symbiote); Steve (creation, deceased); Jane (creation, deceased)


Gender Male
Type / Race Asgardian
Height 6'6 • 198 cm
Weight 640 lb • 288 kg
Eye color Blue / White
Hair color Grey


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