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“The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down, and whisper "No." - Rorschach

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DeathstrokeSlade Joseph Wilson8
Ghost RiderJohnny Blaze9
Hal JordanHal Jordan14
Moon KnightMarc Spector 4
Power GirlKara Zor-L17
Red HoodJason Todd6
RorschachWalter Joseph Kovacs6
ScarecrowJonathan Crane7
SpawnAl Simmons12

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LordTracer 5 hours ago
Voted: Team Luke Skywalker
Luke whips He-Man by himself, most likely by TK. Adding Aayla and Vixen are overkill.
LordTracer 12 hours ago
Voted: Team Iron Man
Iron Man* v. Captain America
— This could go either way, though I see Tony taking a majority most of the time. Say, 7/10 times, he would win.
Vision* v. Ant-Man
— Vision is just way too powerful.
War Machine^ v. Winter Soldier^
— If Bucky gets a good shot on the arc reactor, he'd win. Otherwise, Rhodes.
Black Panther v. Scarlet Witch*
— Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful Marvel characters, period.
Black Widow* v. Falcon
— Widow is a better fighter, a better marksman and all around more skilled.
Spider-Man* v. Hawkeye
— Parker is too fast and strong for Clint to deal with.
Iron Man, Vision, Black Widow and Spider-Man* v. Scarlet Witch
— Too much for her to deal with. And I'm sure her feelings for Vision would hinder her.
LordTracer 12 hours ago
Voted: Doomsday
Doomsday will either kill or KO Hulk before he can get that mad.
LordTracer 13 hours ago
Voted: Ben 10
Ben takes this. He could go Ghostfreak, turn intangible and rip Hulk's brain out. He could go Way Big and punt Hulk miles away. Four Arms could possibly match Hulk in strength. And do I even need to mention Alien X?
LordTracer 16 hours ago
Voted: Thor
I don't know what comic you're talking about, but it's clearly non-canon. Also, it wouldn't matter that Superman is worthy (he is, I won't disagree). He wouldn't be able to get the hammer away from Thor. And he can't "heat vision thor till thor is weakened" when he keeps battering it away with Mjolnir.
LordTracer 18 hours ago
Voted: Supergirl
Morals on - Supergirl
Morals off/Bloodlusted - Superman
LordTracer 18 hours ago
Voted: Team Deathstroke
H2H Round
Punisher v. Deathstroke*
— Slade is a super soldier, and is a better martial artist than Batman. Castle shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Elektra* v. Huntress
— Like @wolfdragon123 said, Elektra is more likely to win in a hand-to-hand engagement.
Warpath* v. Red Hood
— Warpath's superhuman strength and speed should give him the win against Todd
Winter Soldier* v. Deadshot
— Similar to Punisher v. Deathstroke, Winter Soldier's status as a super soldier would allow him to defeat Floyd.
- - - - -
Elektra, Warpath, Winter Soldier* v. Deathstroke
— Too much for Slade to handle on his own.
Weapons-Only Round
Punisher v. Deathstroke*
— Slade has better weapons and gear than Punisher.
Elektra v. Huntress*
— Huntress would win with her weapons, as long as she stays at long range.
Warpath^ v. Red Hood^
— With their gear, this could honestly go either way.
Winter Soldier v. Deadshot*
— Deadshot is a better marksman.
Punisher v. Deathstroke*
Elektra^ v. Huntress^
Warpath* v. Red Hood
Winter Soldier v. Deadshot*
- - - - -
Warpath v. Deathstroke and Deadshot*
Team Deathstroke wins.
LordTracer 1 days ago
Voted: Faora
This'll go the same way as Superman v. Hulk. Faora takes Hulk and throws him into the sun.
LordTracer 1 days ago
Voted: Team Doomsday
Superman v. Doomsday*
— Doomsday killed Superman before, he'll do it again
Thor* v. Cyborg Superman
— Thor can defeat normal Superman, Cyborg Superman will be no different.
Darth Vader^ v. Godzilla^
— This could honestly go either way.
Maul v. Odin*
— Maul is nowhere near as powerful in the Force as Odin is strong with his magic.
Apocalypse* v. Iron Man
— Apocalypse can deal with all of the X-Men. Iron Man will be no problem.
Silver Surfer v. Phoenix*
— Phoenix nearly defeated Galactus once, who is more powerful than the Surfer. She will defeat him.
- - - - -
Thor v. Doomsday*
— Only thing Thor could kill Doomsday with is the godblast.
Apocalypse v. Odin and Phoenix*
— Too much power for Apocalypse to deal with.
- - - - -
Team 2 wins.
LordTracer 1 days ago
Voted: Team Martian Manhunter
Superman v. Martian Manhunter*
Batman v. Aquaman*
Shazam v. Captain Atom*
Hal Jordan* v. Blue Beetle
Green Arrow* v. Hawkeye
Booster Gold v. Red Tornado*
- - - - -
Hal Jordan v. Martian Manhunter and Captain Atom*
Green Arrow v. Aquaman and Red Tornado*
- - - - -
Team 2 wins.
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