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“In days of peace, in nights of war, obey the laws forever more. Misconduct must be answered for, swear us the chosen—Alpha Corps!”

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AngelaAldrif Odinsdottir-
Batgirl IVCassandra Cain6
Darth CaedusJacen Solo-
Darth VaderAnakin Skywalker11
DeathstrokeSlade Joseph Wilson8
Grand Admiral ThrawnMitth'raw'nuruodo-
Grand Master SkywalkerLuke Skywalker-
Hal JordanHal Jordan14
JubileeJubilation Lee5
Jubilee (Full Potential)Jubilation Lee-
Red HoodJason Todd6
ShadowcatKitty Pryde8
ShazamBilly Batson24
SpawnAl Simmons19
SupergirlKara Zor-El18
WaspJanet Van Dyne6
X-23Laura Kinney8
YangYang Xiao Long-
ZatannaZatanna Zatara10

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In terms of saying people haven't read Marvel.
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Before you left for Comic Vine, you did the same thing, Spidey.
LordTracer Team Battle 5 hours ago
Voted: Team Cheetah III

Cheetah* v. Superman
Scarecrow v. Supergirl*
Dark Phoenix* v. Invisible Woman
Thor* v. Daredevil
Batman* v. Red Robin
Shazam v. Martian Manhunter*
Cheetah, Batman* v. Supergirl
Dark Phoenix, Thor* v. Martian Manhunter
Voted: Team White Phoenix of The Crown

And @Amirvel, Jubilee at her full potential is leagues above Superman and Wonder Woman. As long as something is made of matter, she can one-shot it. So, unless you're a cosmic abstract (or a fast enough reality warper), you aren't beating her.
Voted: Team White Phoenix of The Crown

Not with Etertnity at full power. But since Dormammu and Eternity would be weakened by Franklin and Matthew, she could easily defeat Dormammu by causing the matter that makes him up to explode, which would probably kill Eternity and Scarlet Witch in the process.
Voted: Team White Phoenix of The Crown

What has Franklin done to put him above Eternity?
Voted: Team White Phoenix of The Crown

Because he's more powerful than Franklin.
LordTracer Team Battle 6 hours ago
Voted: Team X-23

X-23 and Jubilee v. Rogue and Kitty Pryde
X-23 has the powers of Captain Universe, and is the current host of the Phoenix Force.
Rogue has the powers of Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man and She-Hulk.
Kitty Pryde has Mjolnir and a Green Lantern ring.
Which couple wins?
LordTracer Team Battle 7 hours ago
Voted: Team White Phoenix of The Crown

White Phoenix of the Crown^ v. Spectre^
Franklin Richards v. Eternity*
Matthew Malloy v. Dormammu*
Jubilee* v. Mr. Mxyzptlk
Legion v. Scarlet Witch*
X-Man^ v. Superboy-Prime^
Jubilee* v. Eternity, Dormammu, Scarlet Witch
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Luke doesn't need to hold him, as I'm sure he could bludgeon Goku with his Force blasts, Force lightning, or, if necessary, create a black hole.
Justice League