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I was made by ironman where was bad and I hate people and lions and I have killed hulk and also hulk fanboy je

Original characters

Golden UltronUltron
GrandfatherbonefooteThe Real Heep
LloydLloyd Garmadon (in The Future)
Ronald VledderRonald
The Real UltronYassin
Venom GoatPilgor

Favourite characters

All-Father UltronUltron-
Anti-VenomEddie Brock9
Batman (LEGO)Bruce Wayne11
Battle-Suit Batman (DCEU)Bruce Wayne-
Black Panther (MCU)T'Challa-
Captain America (MCU)Steve Rogers-
Captain America (Venomized)Steve Rogers-
Charlie Chaplin-
Corvus GlaiveCorvus Glaive-
Deadpool (FOX)Wade Winston Wilson-
Deadpool Kid-
Doctor Doom (Venomized)Victor Von Doom-
Dormammu (Venomized)Dormammu-
Ebony MawEbony Maw-
Emperor Joker-
Galactus VenomGalan-
Ghost Rider (Venomized)Robbie Reyes-
Golden UltronUltron-
Hela (Venomized)Hela-
Hulk (MCU)Bruce Banner7
JokerJack Napier10
LloydLloyd Garmadon (in The Future)-
Loki (Venomized)Loki Laufeyson-
Proxima Midnight-
Ronald VledderRonald-
Ronald VledderRonald-
Spider-ManPeter Parker10
Spider-Man (MCU)Peter Parker-
Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)Thanos-
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU)Thanos-
Thanos (MCU)Thanos-
The Joker (Dark Knight)-
The Joker (LEGO)Unknown-
The Real UltronYassin-
Thor (MCU)Thor Odinson-
ToxinEddie Brock10
Ultron (MCU)Ultron-
Ultron (Venomized)Ultron-
VenomEddie Brock9
Venom (SONY)Edward Brock Jr.-
Venom 2099Kron Stone-
Venom GoatPilgor-
VenompoolWade Wilson20

Favourite teams

Favourite Battles

Iron Man (Hulkbuster Armor) -vs- Ultron
Ultron -vs- Shrek
Anti-Venom -vs- Spider-Man
Ultron -vs- The Music Master
Thanos (MCU) -vs- Ultron (MCU)
Captain America (MCU) -vs- Shazam
Shazam -vs- Hulk (MCU)
Spider-Man -vs- Spider-Man
Flash II -vs- Anti-Monitor
Darkseid -vs- Zonuz
Spider-Man -vs- Agent Venom
Clayface -vs- Venom (SONY)
Ultron -vs- Brainiac 5
Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) -vs- Thor (MCU)
Scarlet Witch (MCU) -vs- Thor (MCU)
Thor (MCU) -vs- Rocket Raccoon (MCU)
Thor (MCU) -vs- Doctor Strange (MCU)
Thor (MCU) -vs- Aquaman (DCEU)
Captain Marvel (MCU) -vs- Thor (MCU)
Doctor Strange (MCU) -vs- Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU)
Scarlet Witch (MCU) -vs- Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU)
Silver Surfer (FOX) -vs- Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU)
Captain Marvel (MCU) -vs- Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU)
Thor (MCU) -vs- Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU)
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU) -vs- Scarlet Witch (HoM)
Thanos (MCU) -vs- Doomsday (DCEU)
Steppenwolf (DCEU) -vs- Thanos (MCU)
Aquaman -vs- Superman
Thor -vs- Aquaman
Golden Ultron -vs- Iron Man (MCU)
Anti-Monitor -vs- Darkseid
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) -vs- Darkseid
Venom (SONY) -vs- Golden Ultron
Highfather -vs- Odin
Venom (SONY) -vs- Captain America (MCU)
Venom (SONY) -vs- Batman
Venom (SONY) -vs- Rocket Raccoon (MCU)
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) -vs- Batman
Spider-Man (Worthy) -vs- Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet)
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) -vs- White Phoenix Of The Crown
Galactus -vs- Thor (MCU)
Venom (SONY) -vs- Robin
Shrek -vs- Poopette (real)
Venom Goat -vs- Grandfatherbonefoot
Bane -vs- Kai
Kai -vs- Superman (DCEU)
Charlie Chaplin -vs- Ronald Vledder
Lloyd -vs- Kai
Lloyd -vs- Batman (LEGO)

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Voted: All-Father Ultron

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Voted: All-Father Ultron

who is the real allfather ultron and not heep
Voted: All-Father Ultron

yeah ultronfanboy;s come back ultron kills hulk and even heep
Voted: All-Father Ultron

if you think rune king thor wins you ultron pas because he has redhulk; sche hulk; thor and ironman murdered with a shot
Voted: All-Father Ultron

Voted: All-Father Ultron

heepje alwase vote fake he love ultron and is a big ultronfanboy of must aim say ultronfangirl
Voted: Bruce Banner (Hulkbuster)

bataman lego is litle the hulkbuster smash him around
78 days ago
Lloyd vs Kai
Voted: Lloyd

who wins windshadow
Voted: Ultron (MCU)

who wins wind shadow
Voted: Lloyd

who wins windshadow
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