Holy Manipulation

What is the super power Holy Manipulation

The ability to manipulate divine or sacred energy and/or objects pertaining to such forces. It is a very broad term that has a variety of applications and frequently intersects with Light Manipulation, Healing, Magic, and other abilities generally considered to fall under the "good" or "lawful". Due to its nature, it is often extremely effective against those deemed "evil" or "monstrous", serving as a weakness to many characters under those categories.

Heroes and villains with Holy Manipulation

God Spawn Al Simmons
God Spawn
Golden Ninja Lloyd Garmadon
Golden Ninja
Hellboy (Injustice 2) Anung Un Rama
Hellboy (Injustice 2)
Hellboy (Prince Of Hell) Anung Un Rama
Hellboy (Prince Of Hell)
Little Krishna Krishna
Little Krishna
Living Tribunal
Living Tribunal
Lucifer Morningstar Samael
Lucifer Morningstar
Man Of Miracles Mother Of Existence
Man Of Miracles
Simon Belmont Simon Belmont
Simon Belmont
Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) Thanos
Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)
The Bedlam Spirits Bedlam Spirits
The Bedlam Spirits
The Creator Umineko
The Creator
The Divine Creator Divine Creator
The Divine Creator
Thor (Warrior Maddness) Thor Odinson
Thor (Warrior Maddness)