Darkseid is the ruler of the planet Apokolips, a post he obtained after assassinating his mother. He is obsessed with finding the Anti-Life Equation in order to use it to rule the universe. This goal also includes conquering his rival planet, New Genesis, ruled by the Highfather, formerly Izaya the Inheritor. The resulting destructive war is stopped only with a diplomatic exchange of the Highfathe... read more

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Creator DC Comics
UniversePrime Earth - Prime DC Comics Universe
Full name Uxas
Alter Egos Darkseid (Another Nail)Darkseid (Another Nail)Darkseid (Anti-Life Equation)Darkseid (Anti-Life Equation)Darkseid (Avatar Of Nekron)Darkseid (Avatar Of Nekron)Darkseid (Avatar)Darkseid (Avatar)Darkseid (DCAU)Darkseid (DCAU)Darkseid (DCeased)Darkseid (DCeased)Darkseid (DCEU)Darkseid (DCEU)Darkseid (Death Metal)Darkseid (Death Metal)Darkseid (Ghost Sector)Darkseid (Ghost Sector)Darkseid (Great Darkness)Darkseid (Great Darkness)Darkseid (Injustice)Darkseid (Injustice)Darkseid (New 52)Darkseid (New 52)Darkseid (Other Box)Darkseid (Other Box)Darkseid (Pre-Crisis)Darkseid (Pre-Crisis)Darkseid (Rebirth)Darkseid (Rebirth)Darkseid (Smallville)Darkseid (Smallville)Darkseid (Soulfire)Darkseid (Soulfire)Darkseid (Teen)Darkseid (Teen)Darkseid (The Brave And The Bold)Darkseid (The Brave And The Bold)Darkseid (True Form)Darkseid (True Form)Uxas (Pre-Godhood)Uxas (Pre-Godhood)
Aliases Dark God, The God Of Apokolips, Dark Bringer, The Dark Lord, Lord Of The Omega Effect, Master of Darkness, Mr. Doug Side Night-Lord, King of Apokolips
Place of birth
First appearance Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (November 1970)
Alignment Bad


Occupation Dictator of Apokolips
Base Apokolips
Teams Leader: New Gods of ApokolipsMember: Secret Society of Super-Villains
Relatives Zonuz (father), Izaya (brother), Avia (sister, deceased), Infinity Man (brother), Grail (daughter), Kalibak (son), Grayven (son), Orion (son), Deathspawn (son), Scott Free (nephew/adopted son)


Gender Male
Species // Type New God
Height 266.7 cm • 8'9"
Weight 823.3 kg • 1,815.07 lbs
Eye color Red
Hair color No Hair



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