Pain Manipulation

What is the super power Pain Manipulation

he ability to control the target's ability to feel pain, dulling one's own pain to continue fighting or incapacitating an opponent by causing their pain receptors to flare all at once. This ability ignores conventional durability as it directly targets the brain and nerves of the target rather than attacking the opponent directly, allowing the user to defeat them even if they're unable to harm them physically (except on rare occasions where the constant usage of pain receptors wears out the target's nerves). Particularly powerful users can even control the mental and emotional aspects of pain and suffering, allowing them to instigate conditions related to them (i.e. anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns).

Heroes and villains with Pain Manipulation

Black Alice Lori Zechlin
Black Alice
Hell King Spawn Al Simmons
Hell King Spawn
Omega Spawn Al Simmons
Omega Spawn
Raymond Reddington Raymond Reddington
Raymond Reddington
The Anti-Life Entity Anti-Life
The Anti-Life Entity