What is the super power Corruption

Corruption is the ability to "infect" someone or something with one's power, making said object or person into a different being or state of being than it was before. It's a lot like Mind Manipulation or Possession, but normally, once infected, the "corruptor" doesn't have to do anything for the "corrupted" to become corrupted. Corruption can be done not only through the aforementioned methods such as Disease Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Absorption, and so on, but it can also be done in such a way that there's no other way to classify it other than corruption. Despite the negative connotation of the word "corruption", it's possible for this power to be used to make someone a better individual, albeit this is an incredibly rare application.

Heroes and villains with Corruption

Blizzard Samurai Unknown
Blizzard Samurai
Darkseid Uxas
Doom Slayer B.J. Blazkowicz
Doom Slayer
God Spawn Al Simmons
God Spawn
Loki (Infinity Gauntlet) Loki Laufeyson
Loki (Infinity Gauntlet)
Man Of Miracles Mother Of Existence
Man Of Miracles
Ophidian Ophidian
The Butcher Butcher
The Butcher