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Damage Transferal

What is Damage Transferal?

Damage Transferal is the ability to duplicate the wounds an individual suffered from on to their opponent or other individuals or objects. The ability can also be used to have the target such as a person or object take damage for the user or have the target suffer the same damage they suffered. The damage they share with the targeted individual or object could be physical, mental, spiritual or supernatural in nature or some combination of the above.

Heroes and villains with Damage Transferal

Cosmic Immortal Hulk Hulk
Cosmic Immortal Hulk
Loki (God Of Stories) Loki Laufeyson
Loki (God Of Stories)
Thanos (Regulator) Thanos
Thanos (Regulator)
The One-Above-All The One-Above-All
The One-Above-All
True Form Oblivion Oblivion
True Form Oblivion
Vision (House Of Ideas) Vision
Vision (House Of Ideas)