What is Preparation?

Preparation is a character's ability to increase their capabilities to significant levels, generally in the presence of sufficient time, resources and conditions. This is an essential tool in defeating virtually any opponent out there as it can be useful whenever it comes to sparring as the user sees fit. In terms of technological or informational preparation, characters who normally don't have much power in a regular state are capable of creating artifacts of a much higher tier which may allow drastic self-empowering as long as they possess the necessary materials, time, and information. In an educational sense, a character can significantly increase the intellectual level in a short amount of time by inventing new techniques or styles of combat which might be prove useful in the battle. In the case of evolution, a character can evolve fast enough to increase attack, defense, speed or acquire new skills, or adapt to various external influences.

Heroes and villains with Preparation

No characters found with this power.