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I've been on this website since April . I've debated some of the best. I've won some and I lost some. But understand this . I don't back down easily . I want exact proof at least a scan . I'm done with being a easy target . I am going to become number one. I'm Mop. Others call me Mod . I want redemption . I want friends. Some say I'm the nicest person in the internet while others hate my gut. This doesn't bring me down! People can say all they want about me and it doesn't bother me. I'm friends with Nemian Lion , BATMAN42 , Trace r , Soul , Creature , Prodigy and Windshadow. I create comics for my universe the Varosverse . If you want to read them give me your email and I'll send it to you. And OC High . Where every oc comes together to bring down villains . Want to know the reason I got mod status . Because I'm respectful and thoughtful. I don't insult people (On purpose) or try and make enemies . Hell ! Me and SirSpidey would argue every single time were on at the same time . Now me and him are cool. Also give me some good research for Marvel And Dc etc etc (,Preferably DC) so I can further increase my debating skills.................For NARNIA!!!!!!

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Black WolfCläns Dereson
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OmenMartha Swanson
Sergeant SoloSeth Norman
Star StormsStan Storms
Star Storms IIBrian Jenkins
Sticky ManDaniel Sullivan
The MachineSteve L.R
The SpiritMark Cass
VelocityJaffinah Hetchker

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Voted: The Spirit

oh....well lemme check him out
12 minutes ago
I Am Hiring
yes you may apply for the job
14 minutes ago
what does the minus symbol mean?
21 minutes ago
I Am Hiring
Ok . We'll see how well you are . you shall get your first stoey within a month or two
33 minutes ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Star Storms II

who wins
fight is until K.O unless i say different
43 minutes ago
I Am Hiring
yeah you can . Your the one who gave me the idea for the Varosverse War
44 minutes ago
I Am Hiring
Ok here are all the job descriptions.
Co-Writer - Second person to be able to write Varosverse Stories
Illustrator - You can draw pictures for the stories so they can be considered "Comics"
Inspiration - Give Ideas for the stories . a few people are able to have this job
Character Management -The ability to add and delete Ocs from the Varosverse
Managing Editor - The Person able to edit the stories to make them more likable and enjoyable
co- editor - Allowed to help the managing editor with the stories .
Photographer - A few people can have this job .Your able to create photoshop pictures for the Varosverse
Second in Command - When im not on . he/she is controlling the varosverse until i log on
Co-Artist -Helper to the Illustrator
2 hours ago
Alrighty guys I gotta go . Be back soon
You will have the ability to add and delete Ocs from the Varosverse
Voted: The Spirit

Spirit casually stomps Mon-El
He wouldn't last .
Spirit can defeat Star Storms
Star Storms is Far Above Mon-El
Oc High School