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“Some call me a God . Others call me a demon in the making . I don't care what people say about me . As long as I have my beautiful family and my loyal friends nothing can harm me , nothing can stop me not even you Damon. Want to know why that is? That's because I'm Star Freaking Storms” -Star Storms

Original characters

AionJeffrey Gomez
Black WolfCläns Dereson
BoulderDwayne Thomas
DragonbornMengkono Gusti Allah
Fire DamonThurber Uxedres
ForieusCronos Areson
GladiumAnthony Alexson
HexkorTyrone Frese
HowlerJames Terrence
Ice AgeJason Frese
Leopard KingPardus Caliph
Lightning BoltFrancis Harrison
LightspeedShawn Harrison
Man Of PowerGeorge Mahoney
MomentumMartin Freedman
NaskaHulin Barstson
OmenMartha Swanson
Sergeant SoloSeth Norman
Star StormsStan Briggs
Star Storms IIBrian Jenkins
Sticky ManDaniel Sullivan
The MachineSteve L.R
The SpiritMark Cass

Favourite characters

Fire DamonThurber Uxedres-
Flash IIBarry Allen16
Professor ZoomEobard Thawne10
Star StormsStan Briggs-

Favourite teams

No favourites, yet.

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17 minutes ago
Needed to get away from @Spidey and @Andtesvear. They were annoying me and I just needed a break period. I'm on this site too much. Can't be one of those people who dont go outside.
@EmptyClammyHand I'm doing just find😉
Get ready to get rekt! 😉
25 minutes ago
How bout Star Storms?
I gotta go
I'm gonna keep Fate. Flash I'll just overrate. Godspeed is weak now
Flash is my fave hero.
I'm starting to get into Nabu.
Who wins Nabu vs Dormammu
Reason I'm into Fate is because my lil bro is.
He thinks Fate stomps the entire Jla and Avengers.
Fate is High Herald imo not as powerful as lil bro said
I think I'll defeat @Dpidey in Fate vs Thor
I'm know a bit on fate.
Surfer I barely know anything about
Superman as I said will get wrecked

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