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I've been here for a while . Call me MoP . My characters that I research on is The Spectre , Superman , The Flash , Green Lantern , Hulk and Spider-Man . But I am knowledgble in many more Personal Stats Height : 6'4" (Hard to believe but I am) Weight : 175 lbs Hobbies : Muscic , Video Games , Rapping , Playing Guitar , Creating Photoshop , Being Nice and Basketball Fave Color : Blue Fave Food : Spagetthi , Meatloaf , Hamburgers , Pizza and Cheese Broccoli Dislikes : Yams , Fish (Don't Eat) , Rats and Snakes Nicknames : MoP , Doom , Darth, Dubk , Doom Power Favorite Comics : Deadpool Kills Marvel ,Blackest Night , Flashpoint , Death of Superman , Injustice , Laughing Man Find my comics on the OC named Comics

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Fire DamonThurber Uxedres-
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Spider-Man or Captain America
No it wasn't creative but I'll say it was the best they could do without Spider-Man
Also wish it was longer
Marvel is a stupid
Voted: Flash II

Goku and Flash believe it or not are very close in power
Goku h as s harmed the likes of Beerus , Frieza and Vegeta .
While flash has something called The Infinite Mass punch where he goes just under the speed of light to rmake his fist at maximum density . It feels like your getting hit by a whi5e wrf sta. flash could hit goku 7 times in one second .
Winner Flash
Not even going into this as Goku easily takes this
Overall Winner Flash
Flash is Faster and More Intelligent . He could knock Goku around in less than a nanosecond . Flash has been able to destroy the Anti-Monitor a being far above Goku's most powerful form . Flash doesn't easily win this but he wins on a close call
Flash wins 6/10
Voted: Flash II

Goku is very durable being able to take the Hakai and at5ack that erases your soul? Can take blows from other super Saiyan
Flash on the other hand while he can take blows from Superman and Green Lantern he couldn't tank something like the Omega beams which is similar to the Hakai
Winner Speed - Flash
Winner Durability - Goku
Voted: Flash II

Now here is where it gets insteresting
Goku is very fast being able to move billions and maybe trillions times the speed of light . His fists can move even faster at the Quintillions
Flash however is much MUCH MMUUCCHH FASTER being able to travel through time , Move fast enough to see the back of his head? Escape a black hole , DESTROY THE ANTI-MONITOR and escape both Death and Darkseid's Omega beams . He is said to have infinite speed . Although that is definitely not true his speed is at low-ball 13 Trillion times the speed of light and at my opinion of top speed 120 Multillion times the speed of light which is much much much much faster and could be considered 3d or even 4d infinite speed
Voted: Flash II

Goku is basically Chinese/Japanese Superman . His strength is virtually limitless as he can shake a infinite void . Which is at least 3d infinite strength . That's ∞ .
Flash is nowhere close . As he can lift at most 15-25 thousand lbs . His strength is far above a human but way way below Goku
Winner Goku
Part 2
Voted: Flash II

The Scarlet Speedster vs The Super Saiyan
Flash the fastest being of all fiction and reality vs Goku the very powerful alien
Lets see who will win!
Goku is very VERY behind . Think of the Hulk . Hulk isn't dumb persay but He is below average . Goku is lower . Goku has a good tactical mind but other than that he's dumb and childish
Flash is a very samrt man being a forensic scientist at CCPD . He understands nearly all about Physics and especially Kinectic Energy . his mind also is faster than a human being able to process events less than a attosecond . 10 to the 18th power Attosecond fit into one second . The Human brain can process around 13 milliseconds
Winner Flash
Part 1
Voted: Warhead

Who wins?
10 hours ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Ice Age

Who wins?
Oc High School

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