Bruce Wayne


After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents, billionaire Bruce Wayne dedicated himself to purging Gotham City of evil. Spending years training his mind and body to perfection, he declared war on all crime in Gotham and became The Dark Knight, Batman.When leaving from a movie theater and back to home, Thomas and Martha Wayne are accompanied by their 8-year... read more

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Creator DC Comics
UniversePrime Earth - Prime DC Comics Universe
Full name Bruce Thomas Wayne
Alter Egos
514A (Gotham)
Atmahn, The Night Judge
B-RexB-RexBatgodBatgodBatman (1966)Batman (1966)Batman (Amazo Virus)Batman (Amazo Virus)Batman (Arkham)Batman (Arkham)Batman (Burtonverse)Batman (Burtonverse)Batman (Dark Knight Returns)Batman (Dark Knight Returns)Batman (Dark Knight)Batman (Dark Knight)Batman (DCAU)Batman (DCAU)Batman (DCEU)Batman (DCEU)Batman (Final Batsuit)Batman (Final Batsuit)Batman (Gotham By Gaslight)Batman (Gotham By Gaslight)
Batman (Gotham Knight)
Batman (Gotham)Batman (Gotham)Batman (Injustice)Batman (Injustice)Batman (Kingdom Come)Batman (Kingdom Come)Batman (New 52)Batman (New 52)Batman (Pattinson)(DCEU)Batman (Pattinson)(DCEU)Batman (Pre-Crisis)Batman (Pre-Crisis)Batman (Rebirth)Batman (Rebirth)Batman (Smallville)Batman (Smallville)Batman (The Brave And The Bold)Batman (The Brave And The Bold)Battle-Suit Batman (DCEU)Battle-Suit Batman (DCEU)Bizarro Batman (DCAU)Bizarro Batman (DCAU)Black LanternBlack LanternDark KnightDark KnightDawnbreakerDawnbreakerDevastatorDevastatorGreen Lantern BatmanGreen Lantern BatmanGrim KnightGrim KnightHellbatHellbat
Justice BusterJustice BusterMercilessMercilessMindhunterMindhunterMurder MachineMurder MachineRed DeathRed DeathRobin KingRobin KingSuperbatSuperbatThe Batman Who LaughsThe Batman Who LaughsThe Darkest KnightThe Darkest Knight
White Lantern
Yellow LanternYellow Lantern
Aliases Insider, Matches Malone, God of Knowledge, Jack Shaw, Detective Hawke, Paul Grant, Black Pirate, Frank Dixon, The World's Greatest Detective, The Dark Knight Detective, Gotham Knight, Detective, Bats, The Bat
Place of birth Crest Hill, Bristol Township; Gotham County
First appearance Detective Comics #27
Alignment Good


Occupation Businessman, Adventurer, Vigilante, Head of Wayne Industries
Base Batcave, Hall of Justice, Justice League Watchtower
Teams Leader: Justice LeagueBatman FamilyOutsidersJustice League AntarcticaJustice League of AmericaMember: Black Lantern CorpsJustice League EliteSuperfriendsAll-Star SquadronFormerly: Sinestro CorpsBlack Lantern CorpsThe Outsiders
Relatives Damian Wayne (son), Dick Grayson (adopted son), Tim Drake (adopted son), Jason Todd (adopted son), Cassandra Cain (adopted ward), Martha Wayne (mother, deceased), Thomas Wayne (father, deceased), Alfred Pennyworth (former guardian), Roderick Kane (grandfather, deceased), Elizabeth Kane (grandmother, deceased), Nathan Kane (uncle, deceased), Simon Hurt (ancestor), Wayne Family


Gender Male
Type / Race Human
Height 188 cm • 6'2"
Weight 95.30 kg • 209.91 lbs
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black



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