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1 days ago
1+ years member.
Let's become friends when @Galactus has the friend's list.
1+ years member.
Very incorrect he does have a heart. He's helped people on this website if he had a brain full of dirt he wouldn't have helped me on time. But other than that I guess people can say he's a fanboy of Thor but he's learned how to use his logic much better than i've seen in the past and that makes him have a heart in my honest opinion.
1+ years member.
@Sirspidey is just different in some ways. You can't blame him for making this forum. If he wanted to just consider how well his GPA is then let him be. If you say that no one cares about his GPA then why should you be making a comment?
1+ years member.
Too quick to judge
1+ years member.
Everyone is smart @Sirspidey. There's no one superior were all human bro.
36 days ago
Dangerous Woman
1+ years member.
Ariana Grande isn't dangerous, She's just immature
1+ years member.
Voted: Darkseid (Infinity Gauntlet)

Thanos never created the gaunlet
1+ years member.
@Galactus with the newer version, Will people without mods or admin be able to delete some of our comments?
1+ years member.
Voted: Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic is faster