Doctor Strange (Classic)

Doctor Strange (Classic)

Stephen Strange


Stephen Strange was born to Eugene and Beverly Strange in 1930 while the couple was vacationing in Philadelphia. In 1932 Stephen's sister Donna was born at the family's Nebraska farm. Knowing that Strange was destined to become the next Sorcerer Supreme, resentful apprentice sorcerer Karl Mordo beset the child with demons from the age of eight, and on throughout his youth... read more

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Super Powers

AbsorptionAdaptationAgilityArcane MagicAstral ProjectionAstral TrapAstral TravelAttack NegationAttack ReflectionAudio ControlAvatar CreationAwakened PowerBlack Hole ManipulationClairvoyance ResistanceCloakingCold ResistanceCorruption ResistanceCosmic AwarenessDamage BoostDamage ReductionDamage TransferalDimensional AwarenessDimensional TravelDream ManipulationDurabilityDurability NegationElectricity ResistanceEnergy AbsorptionEnergy BlastsEnergy ConstructsEnergy ManipulationEnergy ResistanceEnhanced SensesFire ControlFire ResistanceFlightFood ManipulationForce FieldsFusionGravity ControlHeat ResistanceHellfire ResistanceHigher Dimensional ManipulationIllusionsInformation AnalysisIntangibilityInvulnerabilityLevitationLight ControlMagicMagic ResistanceMatter ManipulationMemory ManipulationMind ControlMind Control ResistanceNecromancyNon-Physical InteractionPerception ManipulationPhasingPossession ResistancePower AbsorptionPower Absorption ImmunityPower AugmentationPower MimicryPower NullifierPower SensePrecognitionPurificationRadiation ControlRadiation ImmunityReality WarpingReality Warping ResistanceSealingSize ChangingSleep ManipulationSmoke ManipulationSoul ManipulationSoul ResistanceSpatial AwarenessSpatial ManipulationStaminaSummoningTelekinesisTelepathyTelepathy ResistanceTeleportationTime ManipulationTime Manipulation ResistanceTime TravelToxin and Disease ResistanceTransmutationWater ControlWeapons MasterWeather ControlClairvoyanceConceptual ManipulationCorruptionDanger SenseDark ArtsDarkforce ManipulationExistence Erasure ResistanceFate ResistanceParalysisPortal CreationPossessionPower BestowalUnholy ResistanceAcausalityAntimatter ManipulationBullet TimeExistence ErasureHoly ResistanceImmortalityPreparationRegenerationResurrectionStatistics AmplificationStatistics Reduction


Creator Marvel Comics
Full name Stephen Vincent Strange
Alter Egos Doctor Strange (Black Priest)Doctor Strange (Black Priest)
Doctor Strange (Cancerverse)
Doctor Strange (Damnation)Doctor Strange (Damnation)Doctor Strange (Mangaverse)Doctor Strange (Mangaverse)Doctor Strange (MAU)Doctor Strange (MAU)
Doctor Strange (MCOC)
Doctor Strange (MCU)Doctor Strange (MCU)Doctor Strange (Modern)Doctor Strange (Modern)Doctor Strange (Venomized)Doctor Strange (Venomized)Doctor Strange (Zom's Power)Doctor Strange (Zom's Power)Dr Strange  (God Of Magic)Dr Strange (God Of Magic)
Aliases Sorcerer Supreme, Master of the Mystic Arts, Stephen Sanders, Captain Universe, Vincent Stevens
Place of birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
First appearance Strange Tales #110 (July, 1963)
Alignment Good


Occupation Sorcerer Supreme, retired neurosurgeon
Teams Leader: DefendersNeo-KnightsMember: The Mighty AvengersNew AvengersUltimate Fantastic FourNew WarriorsMarvel KnightsSecret DefendersFormerly: Midnight SonsAvengers
Relatives Eugene (father, deceased), Beverly (mother, deceased), Victor (Khiron, brother, apparently deceased), Donna (sister, deceased), Clea (wife, estranged), Umar (mother-in-law), Orini (father-in-law), Dormammu (uncle-in-law)


Gender Male
Species // Type Human
Height 188 cm • 6'2"
Weight 81.6 kg • 179.9 lbs
Eye color Grey
Hair color Black



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