About My Comic: What do I draw and when should I do it?

Created by HolyJoe, 4 y 10 h 49 m ago.

Well, after finally getting into touch with the help desk of Clip Studio and resolving the problem for the newest version of the program, and donating to a user to use one of his fonts for commercial purposes, I've picked back up on where I left off. Now, I've had a few ideas about what to write for the panels of each page and after looking up some tips across the Internet, I've bettered my writing style.

Unfortunately, there's just one problem I have that always gets me riled up. I'm not saying I can't draw; I've done a lot of drawing before when I had spare time, and with all the techniques I've picked up from the web, I'm pretty confident that I can use my graphics tablet as well as a simple pencil and a slip of paper. The real problem is I don't know WHAT to draw. Sometimes, this puts pressure on me when I'm writing a script for the panels, and I feel like I should get to work on the art right away. But my main focus, for now, is to get all the story written out.

I have no idea where to go with this. Should I continue to write the story first, or get straight to the drawing after I finish lettering a page? Also, here's a little sample of what my story looks so far.

If any of you guys happen to have any tips on where to go from here, and possibly think of something I can draw in particular, leave your opinions down below. I'll be sure to credit you for your contributions.


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Breaker 4 y 4 h 28 m
About My Comic: What do I draw and when should I do it?
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what about u respond here dark wing ?
HolyJoe 3 y 11 mo 30 d
About My Comic: What do I draw and when should I do it?
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@Dark_Wing I didn't say I couldn't draw, I said I don't know what to draw. If you wanna see a couple of my sketches, then I'll kindly show you. profile picture was made with HeroMachine 2.5 and detailed with Photoshop.
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