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I'm new & IDK how to navigate

Created by PeachesNCream4, 3 y 3 mo 6 d ago.

I don't know how this site works, and I'd like to know how to do things.


Jakcj 3 y 3 mo 6 d
I'm new & IDK how to navigate
62 months member
This site is mainly for debating it's not hard to navigate.

Activity Feed is where you will see most of people's comments at. If you wish to make a comment. On the homepage you should always click activity feed so you can see more new battles that you may have not yet voted on. If you wish to see the top battles click "battles." to see the top highest tier battles on the website.

Team Battle can be created by adding more than one character on your side. Add Batman and Superman on team 1 vs Hulk and Captain America on team 2 and you got yourself a battle.
Bane333 3 y 3 mo 6 d
I'm new & IDK how to navigate
50 months member
Well, what device are you surfing on?
Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phone, etc