Superhero Schedule

Created by RedEyeJoe, 3 y 3 mo 14 d ago.

This is a brand new idea I have come up with. This is a forum where people get to choose a character's super powers each day of the week, but there are rules that I'll need to lay out.
1. Characters can only be used 1 day out of the week, so you must have 7 different heroes listed, one for each day.
2. This goes for every week of your lives, so every week on the same day you will have the hero's power set to that day.
3. Heroes are only in base form, no special forms like cosmic ghost rider or old king phoenix thor.
4. Only mid tier heroes are allowed. You can't be someone like Living tribunal or Lucifer Morningstar.
5. All hero's abilities will be nurfed down to about city or mountain level. We don't need any multi-galaxy or universal hero's in our daily lives.
6. If a hero you choose does not have a specific power than you would get their belongings. Like if you were Iron Man, you would get his suits and satellites. Money does not count, there for cannot be used and after the day ends all of the belongings and skills disappear with it.
7. For this forum you will not be allowed to use the abilities of villains, I will make another forum for that.
8. All abilities happen to come with all the downsides of a character, so if you chose hulk, when you rage out, you lose control, or if you chose superman you die to green rocks. (Lol)
9. Characteristics of a character also come with this, if you choose Captain America you would be brave and inspiring, but if you were deadpool you would be annoying and insufferable.


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Superhero Schedule
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So what do i need to do ?