The Most Devious Lick

Created by UnusOf2029, 2 y 8 mo 30 d ago.

As some of you may know recently there's been a trend @ schools called a "Devious Lick" which is just stealing school property. Two examples from my school is a soap dispenser from the bathroom & a clock from Mr. Hartman's room (Yes the one that's 8-9 feet above the ground). So now I have two questions. One: Have any Devious L's from your schools you'd like to share? B: Have you pulled any Devious L's (it doesn't have to be school related.)


Galactus 2 y 8 mo 25 d
The Most Devious Lick
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By the title, I thought this was about guitar licks...
MaseTheFace 2 y 8 mo 29 d
The Most Devious Lick
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You might wanna just type out “Devious Lick” in your description… DL is not it. 😬
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UnusOf2029 2 y 8 mo 29 d
The Most Devious Lick
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It's an abbrev.