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Customize Your Superhero Suit

Created by Ezio, 11 mo 4 d ago.

What would it be like to make a costume out of a combination of superhero costumes?

1-Helmet or Mask, like : Helmet of Fate, Ant-Man Helmet, Spider-Man Mask, The Mask,...

2-Armor, like: Iron Man's Hulkbuster Armor, Steel's Armor, Master chief's Armor,...

3-Boots like: Star-Lord's Jet Boot,...

4-Main Weapon like: Mjolnir, Trident Of Neptune, Green Arrow's Arrows, Elder Wand ,...

5-Secondary Weapon or Shield like: Lasso of Truth, Captain America’s Shield, Dante Ebony & Ivory,

6- Accessories or Gadgets like: Batman's Utility Belt, Spider-Man’s Web Shooters, Jack Sparrow's Compass...

7-Power Item like: Lantern's Ring, Apple Of Eden, One Ring,...


Galactus 11 mo 1 d
Customize Your Superhero Suit
8+ year member
Can I pick DNA like Superman?
Ezio 11 mo 1 d
Customize Your Superhero Suit
75 months member
1-Helmet of fate
2-Destroyer armor
3-Hermes boot
4-All black sword
5-Hidden blade
6-Batman utility belt
7-White lantern ring
BlotskyA 11 mo 3 d
Customize Your Superhero Suit
44 months member
- Batman's Glider
- The Flash's Boots
- Deathstroke's Gear
- Thor's Hammer
- Batman's Utility Belt
MaseTheFace 11 mo 3 d
Customize Your Superhero Suit
23 months member
-Helmet of Fate
-Batman Boots
- Palisman Staff (The owl house)
- -nothing-
-Cloak's cloak
-Zatanna's Wand
masterking2 11 mo 3 d
Customize Your Superhero Suit
25 months member
Deadpool's mask
Doctor strange's suit
harley's boots
Bayonetta's pistols(Love is blue.)
Ambush bug's bugs
Raven's crystal
tippy toes