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What is your trueself

Created by ManofPower, 4 y 1 mo 18 d ago.

Me on the internet and me in real life is a little bit different . I'm still kind and generous but I'm extremely lazy and dont like to work that much . I'm very athletic instead of sounding weak and fragile on here and it you have any other questions about me just ask .
But what is your true self?


Michealdem17 1 y 10 mo 4 d
What is your trueself
30 months member
I'm not sure. But only think I can say Is that my life sucks for many reasons.
Z_man_the_overpowered 2 y 10 mo 12 d
What is your trueself
62 months member
I don't really like to change how I act just because im on the interwebs.
ManofPower 3 y 8 mo 17 d
What is your trueself
51 months member
I've changed alot over the past half a year. I'm very athletic now and like basketball . I'm very respectful and try not to cause issues .