Why I (for a couple weeks), left the site, and why I'm leaving now. Permanently

Created by DarkProdigy, 2 y 7 mo 11 d ago.

When I first joined this site in December last year (on this account at least), it was delightful. And sadly one of the reasons I think I thought that was because... I never actually (or rarely), commented on the site, or actually talked to someone on the site. I never looked at debates, I never went on forums, in fact, I never really recognized accounts until 1 to 2 months later. When I first actually started having conversations, I have to say this site was better. I was making friends on the site, finding out new things about superheroes and even ideas to add to a website if I end up going into graphic/web design when I'm older. Man there was some good times. But then, I realized things may not be as peaceful as they seem. That was when I got more into the site, and saw the viruses that ruined the site.
(Part 1)


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