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Created by Galactus, 8 mo 6 d ago.

Working on my 'home office'. It used to be pretty clean, but it's more of a storage room now. Working from my dinner table now. It has a better view and I have my cats around, but I want to have a better work area.
So, I was playing around in the Ikea Office Planner. I love Ikea!

It's a small room, about 225 cm wide and 320 cm deep (7.4ft x 10.5ft). I want to make it into a room I really want to be in. I love my dvd's/blu-rays and games, so I want to show them.
I came up with this 'design'.

I already have the 2x4 Pallax. I can use it or sell it. I'm also thinking about painting some walls dark blue.

Love to hear your ideas for this room!


Tyrannus 7 mo 29 d
SHDb Headquarters
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I know it goes without saying but avoid adding distractions on there. During lockdown I used to work from home but I slowly added more and more things which weren't needed. First a fish tank, then I added the lament configuration and on and on until I didn't do much work anymore.

The window is a very necessary feature. Sitting at home for hours without seeing the outdoors became depressing after a while. At least to me personally.
MarvelBoy107 8 mo 3 d
SHDb Headquarters
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Ikea's pretty cool, I also really love your design! I like the shelves, they look perfect for displaying all sorts of nice things, i also like the simplicity. Nice Job