Iron Man

Tony Stark


Anthony Stark, son of industrialist and inventor Howard Stark, demonstrated his mechanical aptitude and extraordinary inventive genius at a very early age, enrolling in the undergraduate electrical engineering program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the age of 15. Double majors in physics and engineering were easy for him. When he was 21, he inherited his... read more

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Creator Marvel Comics
UniverseEarth-616 - Prime Marvel Universe
Full name Anthony Edward Stark
Alter Egos Anthony Stark (Third A.I.)Anthony Stark (Third A.I.)
Hulkbuster (MCOC)
Hulkbuster III (Iron Man Mark 49)Hulkbuster III (Iron Man Mark 49)
Iron BoyIron BoyIron DestroyerIron DestroyerIron Man (Anti-Transformer)Iron Man (Anti-Transformer)Iron Man (Bleeding Edge)Iron Man (Bleeding Edge)Iron Man (Celestial Symbiote Armor)Iron Man (Celestial Symbiote Armor)
Iron Man (EMH)
Iron Man (Endosym Armor)Iron Man (Endosym Armor)Iron Man (Extremis Armor)Iron Man (Extremis Armor)Iron Man (Extrimis Infected Symbiote)Iron Man (Extrimis Infected Symbiote)Iron Man (Galactus Buster)Iron Man (Galactus Buster)Iron Man (God-Killer)Iron Man (God-Killer)Iron Man (Hulkbuster Armor)Iron Man (Hulkbuster Armor)Iron Man (Hulkbuster) (MCU)Iron Man (Hulkbuster) (MCU)Iron Man (Infinity Gauntlet)Iron Man (Infinity Gauntlet)Iron Man (Infinity Gauntlet) (MCU)Iron Man (Infinity Gauntlet) (MCU)Iron Man (MAU)Iron Man (MAU)Iron Man (MCU)Iron Man (MCU)Iron Man (Mk 1) (MCU)Iron Man (Mk 1) (MCU)Iron Man (Mk 50)Iron Man (Mk 50)Iron Man (Mk 85) (MCU)Iron Man (Mk 85) (MCU)Iron Man (Model 36)Iron Man (Model 36)Iron Man (Model 45)Iron Man (Model 45)Iron Man (Model Prime)Iron Man (Model Prime)Iron Man (Model Prime) (MCU)Iron Man (Model Prime) (MCU)Iron Man (Phoenix Buster)Iron Man (Phoenix Buster)
Iron Man (Silver Centurion)
Iron Man (Thorbuster)Iron Man (Thorbuster)Iron Man (Uru Armour)Iron Man (Uru Armour)
Iron Man (Venomized)
Iron Man (Wild West)
Iron Man (Worthy)Iron Man (Worthy)Iron Man (Ziran Armor)Iron Man (Ziran Armor)
Iron Man(anti-transformer)
Superior Iron Man (MCOC)
Aliases Iron Knight, Hogan Potts, Spare Parts Man, Cobalt Man II, Crimson Dynamo, Ironman
Place of birth Long Island, New York
First appearance Tales of Suspence #39 (March, 1963)
Alignment Good


Occupation Inventor, Industrialist; former United States Secretary of Defense
Base Seattle, Washington
Teams Leader: HulkbustersContingencyMember: The Mighty AvengersMarvel KnightsAvenging HostAvengers West CoastFormerly: AvengersGuardians of the GalaxyS.H.I.E.L.D.The Ultimates
Relatives Howard Anthony Stark (father, deceased), Maria Stark (mother, deceased), Morgan Stark (cousin), Isaac Stark (ancestor)


Gender Male
Species // Type Human
Height 198.1 cm • 6'6"
Weight 192.8 kg • 425.05 lbs
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black



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