Black Panther

Black Panther




T'Challa's birth killed his mother, N�Yami, and his older brother, Hunter, blamed him for her death. His second mother, Ramonda, left the family when T'Challa was only eight, and when he was in his teens, his father T�Chaka was murdered by Klaw over the rare metal Vibranium that comes from Wakanda. Klaw was later driven away after almost being killed by T'Challa.As a young man,... read more

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Full name T'Challa
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Mr. Okonkwo, The Man Without Fear, Luke Charles, Black Leopard, the Client, Coal Tiger, has impersonated Daredevil and others on occasion
Place of birth Wakanda, Africa
First appearance Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #52 (1966)
Creator Marvel Comics
Alignment Good


Occupation King and Chieftain of Wakanda, scientist; former school teacher
Base Wakanda, Mobile
Teams New WarriorsMarvel KnightsWakandansFantastic FiveAvengersGodsThe Mighty AvengersFormerly: Fantastic FourIlluminati
Relatives Bashenga (paternal ancestor, deceased), Azzuri the Wise (paternal grandfather, deceased), Nanali (paternal grandmother, deceased), Chanda (paternal grandfather, presumably deceased), T�Chaka (father, deceased), S'Yan (uncle, deceased), N�Yami (mother, deceased), Ramonda (stepmother), Hunter (adopted brother), Jakarra (half-brother), Shuri (sister), Ororo Munroe (wife), Joshua Itobo, Ishanta, Zuni, M'Koni, T'Shan (cousins), Wheeler (cousin by marriage, deceased), Billy Wheeler (1st cousin once removed)


Gender Male
Type / Race Human
Height 6'0 • 183 cm
Weight 200 lb • 90 kg
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black


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