Eddie Brock



The symbiotes were a conquering race who had no feelings unto themselves. They fed off the emotions of those they conquered and forced them to do spectacular feats in order to feel the adrenaline rush. Eventually, the beings would be sucked dry and left for dead. One symbiote was placed in a prison and condemned to death by disintegration when it was discovered that he focused more on bonding and... read more

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Full name Edward Charles Allan Brock
Alter Egos Anti-VenomAnti-Venom
Child Of Venom
Magic Venom
ToxinToxinVenom (SONY)Venom (SONY)
Place of birth New York, New York
First appearance (as alien costume) Secret Wars #8, (behind the scenes) Web of Spider-Man #18, (actual appearance) Amazing Spider-Man #300
Creator Marvel Comics
Alignment Bad


Occupation Vigilante; former journalist for the Daily Globe, government operative
Base New York, New York
Teams Formerly: Sinister Six
Relatives Eddie Brock: Carl Brock (father), Jamie Brock (mother), Anne Weying (She-Venom, ex wife, deceased); Venom symbiote: Carnage (bonded to Cletus Kasidy, 1st generation offspring), five forced offspring - one independant (bonded to Donna, last name unrevealed, 1st generation offspring), four forming a composite symbiote (Hybrid (bonded to Scott Washington, 1st generation offspring), Toxin (bonded to Patrick Mulligan, 2nd generation offspring)


Gender Male
Type / Race Symbiote
Height 6'3 • 191 cm
Weight 260 lb • 117 kg
Eye color Blue
Hair color Strawberry Blond


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