Eddie Brock


Venom's Powers

The alien costume, which has grafted itself to the nervous system of Eddie Brock, somehow absorbed the powers of Spider-Man during its brief symbiotic relationship with him. These powers have now been transferred to Brock, so long as he wears the costume. Brock had conditioned himself to lift (press) almost 700 lbs. Before he came into contact with the costume. Once they merged, the costume added Spider-Manís superhuman strength to Brockís vast human strength, making him more powerful than Spider-Man. The alien costume also replicates Spider-Manís ability to cling to walls by controlling the flux of inter-atomic attraction between molecular boundary layers.

Venom can also shoot strands of the alienís substance in the form of webbing at high pressure up to a distance of 70 feet. The alienís substance seems to be composed of tough, flexible fibers of organic polymers, which regenerate swiftly after shedding. The strands have extraordinary adhesive properties, which diminish rapidly once they abandon their living source. After about three hours, with no source to nourish them, the strands dry up like dead skin and dissolve into a powder. The strands possess a tensile strength of 125 pounds per square millimeter of cross section. Venom also possesses an extrasensory ability similar to Spider-Manís spider-sense. This response is not as complicated as Spider-Manís inherent sense since the alien costume can detect danger from every direction and conduct Brock in plenty of time. It is not as efficient as Spider-Manís spider-sense because it takes longer to communicate the danger, and Brockís reflexes are not as fast as Spider-Manís, even though they are enhanced by the alien costume.

Venom's Weaknesses


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