Causality Manipulation

What is the super power Causality Manipulation

The user can redirect any cause to any effect, undo anything by inverting the relation cause/effect, or even separate them entirely, making a specific effect impossible to be caused or a specific cause not producing any effect. This allows one to achieve virtually anything by redirecting the selected cause to the desired effect. A finger snap which normally causes sound and kinetic force could instead cause a sun explosion or a massive resurrection. The user could also instantly erase anything from existence, by making its existence the cause of it's own nonexistence. Another possibility is the instant rewriting of a whole reality, by making Reality X (the current reality) the cause of Reality Y (a tailor-made one). At high level, the user would be able to rewrite the laws of causality as a whole, essentially playing God.

Heroes and villains with Causality Manipulation

Beyonders Ivory Kings
Living Tribunal (Post-retcon) Living Tribunal
Living Tribunal (Post-retcon)
Shadow The Hedgehog (Pre-Wave) Shadow The Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog (Pre-Wave)
Super Shadow (Pre-Wave) Shadow The Hedgehog
Super Shadow (Pre-Wave)
Thanos (Earth-9047) Thermos
Thanos (Earth-9047)
The Beyonder (Earth-1298) Beyonder
The Beyonder (Earth-1298)
The One Below All The Devil
The One Below All
True Form Oblivion Oblivion
True Form Oblivion