Causality Manipulation

What is the super power Causality Manipulation

The user can redirect any cause to any effect, undo anything by inverting the relation cause/effect, or even separate them entirely, making a specific effect impossible to be caused or a specific cause not producing any effect. This allows one to achieve virtually anything by redirecting the selected cause to the desired effect. A finger snap which normally causes sound and kinetic force could instead cause a sun explosion or a massive resurrection. The user could also instantly erase anything from existence, by making its existence the cause of it's own nonexistence. Another possibility is the instant rewriting of a whole reality, by making Reality X (the current reality) the cause of Reality Y (a tailor-made one). At high level, the user would be able to rewrite the laws of causality as a whole, essentially playing God.

Heroes and villains with Causality Manipulation

Beyonders Ivory Kings
Cosmic Immortal Hulk Hulk
Cosmic Immortal Hulk
Dark Monitor Mandrakk
Dark Monitor
Empty Hand Empty Hand
Empty Hand
God Brainiac Vril Dox
God Brainiac
Little Krishna Krishna
Little Krishna
Living Tribunal (Post-retcon) Living Tribunal
Living Tribunal (Post-retcon)
Man-Thing (Nexus Of All Realities/Divine Creators Staff) Dr. Theodore Sallis
Man-Thing (Nexus Of All Realities/Divine Creators Staff)
Michael Demiurgos Michael Demiurgos
Michael Demiurgos
Milkman Man None
Milkman Man
Shadow The Hedgehog (Pre-Wave) Shadow The Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog (Pre-Wave)
Super Shadow (Pre-Wave) Shadow The Hedgehog
Super Shadow (Pre-Wave)
Thanos (Earth-9047) Thermos
Thanos (Earth-9047)
Thanos (Heart Of The Universe) Thanos
Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)
The Beyonder (Earth-1298) Beyonder
The Beyonder (Earth-1298)
The Creator Umineko
The Creator
The Divine Creator Divine Creator
The Divine Creator
The One Below All The Devil
The One Below All
True Form Oblivion Oblivion
True Form Oblivion