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Hal Jordan was a fighter test pilot for the Air Force. That all changed when on one day, he was mysteriously transported to a crashed spaceship. There he met Abin Sur, a Green Lantern. Abin Sur was dying and offered Hal the opportunity to succeed him. Hal Jordan accepted. With the ring in his possession, Hal Jordan became the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps. He became a founding member... read more

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Full name Harold Jordan
Alter Egos Green Lantern (2011)Green Lantern (2011)Green Lantern (Injustice)Green Lantern (Injustice)Green Lantern (New 52)Green Lantern (New 52)Green/Blue LanternGreen/Blue LanternHal Jordan (Maximum Willpower)Hal Jordan (Maximum Willpower)
ParallaxParallaxRed LanternRed LanternSpectreSpectreWhite LanternWhite LanternYellow LanternYellow Lantern
Aliases Parallax, Spectre, Green Lantern
Place of birth Coast City, California
First appearance Showcase #22
Creator DC Comics
Alignment Good


Occupation Adventurer, Air Force Test Pilot
Teams Green Lantern CorpsJustice League EliteSuperfriendsJustice LeagueTime MastersFormerly: Justice League of AmericaBlack Lantern CorpsJustice League EuropeBlue Lantern Corps
Relatives Martin H. "Marty" Jordan (father, deceased), Jessica Jordan (mother, deceased), Jim Jordan (younger brother), Jack Jordan (older brother, deceased), Jan Jordan (sister-in-law, deceased), Helen Jordan (neice), Larry Jordan (Air Wave I - cousin, deceased), Hal Jordan (Air Wave II - cousin)


Gender Male
Type / Race Human
Height 6'2 • 188 cm
Weight 200 lb • 90 kg
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown


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